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Heart Melting: 15 Adorable Baby Animal Pictures

Have you ever seen a baby animal and thought that nothing could be cuter? Maybe it’s something about their fuzzy fur. Maybe it’s the fact that they look like little stuffed animals. Whatever it is that makes them cute, pictures of baby animals will lighten your mood. Here are 15 adorable pictures of baby animals that are sure melt your heart!

Baby Otters

Baby otters are so small and fuzzy. They're sure to melt your heart.

Baby otters are some of the cutest of the miniature animal world. There’s something about their underdeveloped proportions that just screams adorable. Maybe it’s the fuzzy little whiskers in a halo around their faces. Maybe it’s their flat little noses. However you see these critters as cute, though, they are sure to melt your heart! And with those silky coats of fur? You can bet that they’re soft as can be. If you’re looking for a dose of cute, check out these babes before they hit the water and grow too big.