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20 Super Cute, But Miserably Pregnant Animals

Have you ever seen a pregnant woman and thought that she was glowing? Well, the same things happens with animals. Pregnant animals are surprisingly cute, but just like humans, they’re miserable when they’re with child. The dichotomy of cute and uncomfortable is obvious in some photographs. Here are 20 animals that look totally cute, yet miserable, when they are pregnant.

Pregnant Kitties

Pregnant kitties are surprisingly cute. They're also miserable from the typical side effects.

Cats are already cute when they are not pregnant, who doesn’t love a fluffy kitty? But have you ever seen a little cat critter with child? Their bellies get big and hang low, it makes them look especially cute. However, just like pregnant humans, pregnant kitties have to suffer the gestational side effects, too. That pregnant cat is probably sore, tired, and ready to lay down and purr. Cats are just one of many animals that are both cute and miserable when pregnant. Keep reading to find out about the others!