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Photo Bomb! 25 Attention Hog Wedding Animals

Have you ever been to a wedding where an animal somehow managed to get in the photos? Well, it happens. And sometimes, animals have a way of stealing the attention away from the bride and groom. Each photo in this list of 25 includes an animal that hilariously stole all the attention away from the newlyweds on their big day. Say cheese!

Photo Bomb Llamas

These animals sure knew how to photo bomb this wedding picture.

These llamas look like they’re enjoying themselves. But is this photo moment really meant for them? Based on their festive outfits, maybe that’s the case. But for this bride and groom, the only thing people are going to notice is the pair of kooky animals in the frame. Seriously, how did they expect to stand out amidst that craziness? These llamas sure know how to hilariously photo bomb, and they know how to do it well. Keep reading to see more examples of times when animals stole the show in wedding photos.