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The Cutest Baby Animals In The Whole World

Animals and babies are cute, but nothing can beat the cuteness of baby animals. They are all we need in our lives: small, lovely, pure, and just full of happiness. The time until they reach maturity is different with every species, so we might not have much of their adorable youth. For example, a kitten is considered a baby until its first birthday, but an elephant is only a ‘grown-up’ after 18 years.

But just let’s enjoy their charm while we can! Awwww!

The Cutest Baby Elephant

Baby elephant plays in a bucket

After being pregnant for around two years, elephants give birth to these cuties. The new calf relies not just on its mother but on the whole family group. In the first few months, it needs help with eating, drinking and walking. And they definitely need the security the group provides for way longer, though it is not a small animal even as a newborn.

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